Strong Woman: What Does It Really Mean? (A Bewakoof Collaboration)

Here’s to strong women,

We may know them

We may be them

We may raise them

I guess everyone will agree with me that strong women is what this world needs. A strong woman is the need of the hour, this generation and the era!

My question is what exactly does it mean to be a strong woman? How do you recognize a female human being as a strong woman? Well according to the Oxford dictionary, the word Strong means “powerful and difficult to resist or defeat” or “not easily disturbed, upset, or affected“.  In a nutshell, a strong woman can be defined as a powerful woman.


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Photography – Frameknack  | Styling, conceptualization, makeup and model – Ankita Bardhan

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Sunshine In Her Hair

As the sweet breeze flows by

I feel free as a wind

A smile brightens my face

When I see…

Sunshine in her hair 🙂

As the sky spreads its wings

I feel mellow on my skin

Suddenly I couldn’t hold my gaze

When I see..

Sunshine in her hair 🙂

The chirpy flowers sway all around

Makes me dance in glee

Nothing else then really matters

When I see…

Sunshine in her hair 🙂

She moves to the shores unknown

Along came the wild waves

And everything then was gone

But she left me wondering…

Was sunshine really in her hair or is she my sunshine 🙂 🙂

Sunshine In Her Hair


I collage






I am a dreamer and a sucker for romantic movies..well which girl isn’t eh? 😉  So I wrote these lines so that my guy can take a note and write some songs for me…yes I wouldn’t mind him to get transformed into Bruno Mars while singing 😛 😀

Now about the now you must be knowing I have a special place for head wears/hair accessories ❤  And the moment I saw this beret in Vero Moda store, I knew I was in love *u*  I was dying to do an outfit post with this baby but then Delhi’s weather decided to get hot **head bang** I wore my beret for like 15 minutes and I was sweating like a pig 😥  So couldn’t click more pictures with my beret hat but I promise will do another post with this lovely beret :-*


Tee Dress – Only

Beret – Vero Moda

Faux Leather Pants – Ginger

Under Tee – Zara

Silver Ballerinas – Random Online Shopping

Sunnies – Ray Ban

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