My Sarojini Nagar Sneakers Are Too Cool For You, Babe

My Sarojini Nagar Sneakers Are Too Cool For You, Babe

Wow it looks great on you! But don’t mention it to everyone that you bought this from Sarojini (a flea market). Never mention that in your blog!

Ok, so let me just put it out there that I am a proud Sarojini Nagar market & Janpath shopper. And I don’t see why I should feel embarrassed  to mention in my blog that I bought something from a flea market? I mean if you can proudly show off that Zara tee, Guess dress, H&M jacket & Forever 21 boots, then why should you shy away from telling your readers you bought something from a street market? It’s my money, I may spend where ever I like and it’s my style, I may wear whatever I like.

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Photography – Frameknack  | Styling, conceptualization, makeup and model – Ankita Bardhan

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Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2012

Dressing for winters has just got a lot easier as Makeup, Style and Sugar presents a check-list of wearable and accessible fall trends straight from the runway to your wardrobe!


Men's Fall Fashion Trend 2012


Men's Fall Trend 2012



First of all, I dunn like the word Oxblood hence burgundy it is. Burgundy when worn with black or grey looks classy. You can team burgundy chinos with denim/chambray shirt for a casual look. It is sucha color which is neither neutral nor it shouts out loud. Yes, it’s a bold color but if you keep these pointers in mind, you can surely nail the look.




Camel Coats
A classic camel coat is a winter wardrobe staple. You can wear it for years as it never goes out of style. This epic piece looks good with everything and you can find it in various styles too like trench, hooded, single-breasted, double-breasted, long, cropped and much more.


Camel Coats


Shearling is a tough nut to crack but if you follow the simple rules, it gives a stand out look. Wear shearling in trims like as jacket with a shearling collar or a shearling lapel. You can also try black or blue colored shearling for a more wearable look. Shearling bomber jackets can be worn as statement jackets, keeping everything else neutral.




Searling Bomber1


Lapel Pins
I know most of you guys must be having their closet full of neutral pieces and stocking up the latest colored clothing would hit your pocket hard. So here comes a genius piece for your rescue – Lapel Pins. You can wear a chunky pin or a simple one on your monochromatic blazers to add bling and that pop of color. The best thing is that there are no rules for wearing it, so you can experiment with it.


Lapel Pins


Most of the men scare away from trying turtlenecks but let me assure you, turtlenecks are one of the most flattering things in a man’s wardrobe. Grey turtlenecks look good with fitted/structured coats, beige or khaki ones look great with woolen/casual/camel coats and black ones look amazing when worn alone or with black jacket. They also give you shoulders, adding up on the chic factor.




It is one the style that actors and models are raving about nowadays. Henleys are great winter investments as it works great with layering. It looks great on muscular/worked out bods.






Leather Pants
Leather pants are great items for winters; hence they made a comeback with an amazing modern twist to it. They look good on tall people/long-legged guys. You can tuck it in your boots or pair it with heavy soled shoes, do remember to match your shoes with the pants. The whole black-on-black ensemble looks flattering on men.


Leather Pants1


Leather Pants2


Puffa Coats

Puffa coats made a comeback in a sleeker version and became most popular A/W ’12 trend on runways. From Rick Owens, Lanvin, Balmian to DKNY everyone showcased their collection of puffa coats. Apart from being a fashion trend, it keeps you warm – and that makes it perfect guys night out! If these don’t please your eyes, then you can try the biker or cut-sleeve versions of them.


Puffa Jacket1



Puffa Jacket2




Puffa Jacket3


Letterman/Baseball Jacket
Letterman jackets never go out of the style. From popstars to rockstars and even Hollywood stars can’t get enough of it, you can see Flo Rida, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Drake, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson sporting this. When worn with dark denims, they stand out but hey you can experiment anything with it as it looks awesome with everything!


Letterman Jacket1



Letterman Jacket2


Metal Pedal on Shoes
Shoes with metal pedals are big this season and the best thing about it is that it looks UH-MAZING with formals, casuals and party wears. Both silver and gold metal pedals look great, and even metal studded shoes are rave this year.


Metal Pedal on Shoes1



Metal Pedal on Shoes2



Just keep these pointers in mind and hey there’s nothing gonna stop you baby!


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