Strong Woman: What Does It Really Mean? (A Bewakoof Collaboration) (read on

Here’s to strong women,

We may know them

We may be them

We may raise them


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I guess everyone will agree with me that strong women is what this world needs. A strong woman is the need of the hour, this generation and the era!


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Photography – Frameknack  | Styling, conceptualization, makeup and model – Ankita Bardhan



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Ankita ❤

57 thoughts on “Strong Woman: What Does It Really Mean? (A Bewakoof Collaboration) (read on

  1. Ankita, I love the words you wrote about “strong” women. I appreciate how you touched on the different interpretations and definitions of a strong woman! That said, you look totally fierce, bad ass, and powerful in this outfit! I love the t-shirt dress and your braids! Tough as nails, girl! Love!

  2. Love this strong look on you girl – so powerful! The braids are totally perfect and I love how you describe every woman as being strong 🙂

  3. Yes girl! I love this girl power and strength. This is such an amazing post because I feel that women are finally recognizing that we are equal to men and if not even stronger than them in some aspects. What a fabulous streetstyle look. Love the flannel and the braids and the thigh high sock combo. xoxo, Christine

  4. I liked your look but initially it didn’t seem for me as particularly “strong”. But then I thought… “no, ‘girly’ is not the opposite of ‘strong'”. You can be feminine and strong, it’s just the way we think of strength is very stereotypically masculine.

  5. I’m in love with the subject of this blogpost. I always think about Beyonce when I think about a power women. But the fact is we all have power and I think anyone can be a strong women as long as we take care of ourselves and fight for our wants! Let’s run the world X

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