Chapter 3

Soft sunrays of the dawn fell through the window, onto the bed covered with satin sheets. White candles were still lit on the side table, soft music was playing on LED tv & between all of this romantic setup..was sitting he, perplexed & confused.
His heart was pounding..pounding so hard as it was about to beat out of his chest, his mind was blank.
Suddenly he sensed a familiar fragrance…that lingering smell was her’s, his girl. Within a flash of a second, all the memories of last night started playing in his mind.
Her giggles, her moans, her grin..he could hear them all. Their romantic rendezvous, those breath-taking long resuscitations… each passing memory of that night of passion was aching his heart.
Do you love me..? “ “Where are we heading with our relation?” Those questioning eyes, that nervousness in her voice, were haunting him. But now she’s gone, maybe he lost her forever.
But there was something else that was bothering him the most.. he loves her & she surely does makes him happy, then why couldn’t he commit to her..? Why was he letting her go?

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Chapter 2

“Clack clack clack..tap Clack clack clack..tap… Click”

The only sound you can hear around him, sitting in his office, behind a computer screen, typing in codes as fast as he could. And this continued for few hours.

Then he left his cubicle, had lunch with his colleagues, laughed on some office jokes & sarcasm.. & then back to the sound of keyboard & his coding making love to each other.

In between, he gets a call from his mom asking how is his day going? Did he have his lunch on time? You know the usual.. And his replies to her questions sound exactly like this “hmmm… haa.. haaa.. hmmmm.. haa maa yaad hai.. haa.. ok rakhta hu, bye..!

This sums up his daily routine ‘Office-Lunch-Call From Mom-Home-Office’ & repeat! And all work no play, surely made Jack a dull boy.. well, a frustrated corporate monkey to be precise!

To vent out his frustration, he rants & slams on social networking sites, listens to songs, stares at some nudes of actresses, download some porn maybe & watch it later in home or sometimes in office only (in his phone).

But still nothing beats out that frustration & that sinking feeling completely. Nothing was saving him.


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Chapter 1

Darkness, filled with that killing silence… a cold bed, smoke of cigarette all around in a totally messed up room. There she was…sitting on the floor, in an over-sized tee, continuously staring the wall.. uttering not even a single word. She could see her insecurities standing all tall & dancing on the floor, her failures were haunting her like nightmares not letting her sleep!

She has a successful career, a well paid job, a luxurious flat from the company, lavish lifestyle…then what her failure must be..?

She failed, failed as a human, a daughter, as herself…completely lost the girl she was. Out of everyone, she has let down herself the most. Now she has no dreams, no desires, just a wish…to go back in time & give more value to relations than career.

She wanted to bring back all those people who loved her, loved her for being the person who she was, not for her success or her career. Though she may have all the riches but she has no one to share her laughter with, no soul to tell how sad is she…except for a bottle of beer & a pack of cigarette.

And that was scary..!


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A Tribute To My Angel, My Maa…

She thinks she’s not beautiful

She looks in the mirror & a tear drop falls

She tries to hide  her face whenever someone clicks picture

She says…

“I have wrinkles”

I said…

“They are the lines…lines of all my memories, my good days, my bad days, my whole life is hidden in them”

“I have dark circles”

“Tells about those endless nights you woke up whole night during my exams, when I was ill’

“I have grey hair”

“Yes, the shade of experience.. shade of wisdom… tells me I can always rely on you to solve my every problem”

“My skin is so dull now”

“Cos’ of all the struggles you went through to polish my future into a shining glory”

Whatever you say, however you feel like, you still are & always will be the most beautiful lady I have ever seen! Your beauty is beyond all the definitions, adjectives & the words. Maa, you always will be beautiful…just look through my eyes & you’ll know 🙂


P.S. I wanted to start this new feature by writing a tribute to my mother, all the mothers in fact. They deserve a lot more appreciation & love for the pain they take to make us who we are.


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The Stories Of The City

There are a lot of lost stories that go dull, eventually vanish under those big city lights. Some are just like ours, some are kinda similar, some are extremely intense, while some are just immature…but nonetheless, they all are dying to be heard, to get noticed.

So, I am being a medium to narrate their untold stories, their unappreciated lil’ struggles, their demons under cover and those unspoken fights. They mostly will be short stories… as life itself is a compilation of short stories, beautifully arranged with a thread of time & experience 🙂

P.S. I don’t believe in naming things/characters or stereotypes, so all of these stories won’t have names just numbering. Do feel free to give names, would love to read your views!

Hope these stories touch your heart in some way, hope you can relate to them


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The Cannes Diaries: 2014

Hello Fashion-heads..!

Here’s a treat for your eyes, to take away those Monday blues… well, with a few fashion nightmares ! Without much machh-machh let’s put on those judgy pants & start with the critique 😀

Naomi Watts in a gorgeous in a bluish-grey Marchesa gown with a chunky glitter detail & let’s just say, she’s totally owning it! This surely is one of my personal favs ❤

America Ferrera, you must know her as Ugly Betty, well now she looks one elegant lady in an ivory white Georges Hobieka gown.

Cate Blanchett (left) and Adèle Exarchopoulos both in Valentino gowns were a lovely sight to watch. I heart it!

Adèle Exarchopoulos looked simply adorable in a classic black-white Louis Vuitton dress and Chopard earrings.

Alice Taglioni in a Giorgia Armani 2-piece style gown. One of my personal favs, just love love LOVE the simple, sophisticated glam twist it has got to it ❤

*screams* Why would you even wear that..!! Natacha Regnier in a strapless black& blue gown which looks more like a curtain in shimmering silhouette..!

Working the Chanel Couture dress like a pro, a known face to every fashionista ~ Blake Lively! Hell yes, it’s my personal fav 🙂

Yes, she definitely is the best-dressed at Cannes festival this year! Blake Lively in a monochrome Gucci gown ❤

Gorgeous Clotilde Courau in a strapless black Elie Saab gown.

Miss Fierce Elena Lenina in a extremely dramatic full-blown red gown. I have no issues with a risky fashion look but it surely is not meant to be donned at Cannes :/

Laetitia Casta was looking absolutely stunning in this white ruffled strapless Dior Couture 🙂

Blake Lively, fashion connoisseur, looked breath-takingly entrancing in Gucci Première gown & Lorraine Schwartz jewelry ❤ ❤ I can kill to get my hands on this dress & no, I am not kidding..!

Kendall Jenner made a poised & serene appearance in monochrome Chanel dress.

Emilia Schuele looked beautiful & vibrant in magenta dress. Just by adding a belt, the whole outfit looks is chic!

Zoe Saldana in a stunning black and green Jason Wu dress. A hint of color on her lips & this whole look would have been pretty picture..!

Hofit Golan in a very revealing black gown with full lace & sheer panel detail. Won’t lie, she looks hot in this dress!

Grandma…? Who? Jane Fonda in a shimmery full-sleeved Elie Saab gown. She’s sexy, she knows it & she flaunts it! 😀

Julianne Moore in a burgundy & black Louis Vuitton dress. And my oh my, she looks divine in it!

Mallika Sherawat in Emilio Pucci gown. Not a fan of her look but yes this is her most decent attempt so far..

Can I just say Liya Kebede looked like a hot siren in this sheer black & blue Roberto Cavalli mini dress..!

Nadia Auerman looked like belle of the ball in pinkish-white strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown. One of my fav ❤

Elena Lenina definitely got many eyebrows raised while making her red carpet appearance in over-sized foil-wrapped beaded necklace!

Naomi Watts looked chic in Calvin Klein Collection dress and Bulgari necklace.

Nicole Kidman in Armani Prive, & this embellished gown is undeniably the most splendid among all in the Cannes! Do I even need to say that it is my fav…?

Cate Blanchett looked awestruckingly beautiful in this Givenchy dress 🙂

Paz Vega in sheer white cocktail dress, loved the applique work. One word for the look ~ posh!

Salma Hayek looks total knockout in this raspberry Saint Laurent gown with drape details in the skirt!

Ayem Nour in a sheer monochrome gown & this outfit just stabbed me in the eyes, with a big knife..!!

French actress Sonia Rolland looked gorgeous in this red gown with lace & sheer detailing. Loving it ❤ Doesn’t this resembles to Cheryl’s gown that she wore to Cannes last year..?

Karlie Kloss in a tri-coloured lace ensemble by Valentino. This outfit is like ‘throwing in some table covers & net and stitching them all together in most unflattering manner’..! Well, someone had to say it.

Zhang Ziyi looked absolutely fierce in monochromatic Stephane Rolland Couture..!

Zoë Saldana is oozing out sophistication in the ivory white Victoria Beckham gown..!

Our very own fashion fiesta, Sonam Kapoor in sheer black Elie Saab Haute Couture (Spring 2014)with full-blown skirt. And boy, oh boy..I am totally digging this outfit, her chic hairstyle takes the look to a whole new level!


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