Is The Bad….The New Good ?

So, I was sitting in my balcony and enjoying the splendid weather with some cheese pakoras. Yum ! 😛 Suddenly a comment (which some classmate of mine passed on me) was hovering over my mind. I could not think past it, finally I gave in and started penning down my views on it.

During my exams, people were whispering ‘yaar thorra sa dikha de’ ‘yaar starting bata de’ ‘tu mera dost hai naa, fir answer sheet copy karne de’; now you must be thinking what’s different with these comments. Well the comment which just hit my head was – ‘dekhli teri friendship baazi, dost ko fail hone chorr dia’ (when one says NO to letting other cheat in exams).

After getting done with my exam, I was thinking is a good friend the one who lets his/her friend do anything that might let him/her invite trouble or a good friend is the one who will not let his/her friend get into any trouble. Now talking about this particular situation; I personally would not let my friends cheat, I rather would help them in studying the day before, share notes, whatever helps them except scooping to unfair means in exams. But again that’s my personal opinion, what do you think, what would you do?

Now coming back to the topic, I remember in childhood we all must have heard, read or learnt that a good friend won’t let you do anything wrong but will help you in staying away from the bad and we used to be consider people who cheat, slang, bully, talk rudely to teachers, beat others as the bad ones and did not be friends with them. But as we grow up why does this thinking change drastically, how come abusing, cheating, disrespecting teachers and elders, bullying, always fighting (read beating up) with others became oh so cool?

In my school days my teacher used to teach us to be selfless, honest, kind, true, helpful, polite and many of us must have preached it too but as time passes by why do we choose to become selfish, self absorbed, rude, fake, unsympathetic and break promises? As kids we used to speak our heart out, whatever we think but on growing up rather than letting our voice be heard and we choose to be with the majority, why? Is taking a stand so tough that we don’t even try and follow the trend. Even once in my college days, a teacher specifically said it’s better to be selfish than being sacrificing. Why do the words, sayings or preachings that once conditioned our minds have changed their meaning totally? What is the reason behind it?

Being good was never easy but when in our childhood we never gave up then why do we give up once we grow up and choose the easy way? What made the bad ones our idols, what did change now, that for most of us bad seems to be more attractive to us than the good? So, I ask you all is the bad… the new good?





2 thoughts on “Is The Bad….The New Good ?

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