Makeup Tips for the Monsoons

Yahooo finally we Delhites got blessed with the rains… ** doing the happy dance ** 😀 And the rains inspired me to write a post giving some tips to the makeup fanatics.

    • Cleanse your face thoroughly with an anti-bacterial cleanser. After cleaning, rub your face with an ice cube for like 10 minutes. This way you can make your makeup stay on for a long time.
    • Avoid applying foundations as it will make you look washed out in the rains. Though you can use a waterproof foundation or tinted moisturizer.
    • Stay away from creamy makeup products and opt for powder, matte finish products.
    • Avoid using pressed powder in monsoon because it will make your skin appear patchy and sick. Ewww!
  • Say tata to kohl (kajal) and use water-proo
  • f eyeliners and mascaras.
  • Avoid cream eye shadow as they will smudge all over your eyes.
  • Always opt for the powder ones.
  • Stay away from cream blushers, powder blushers preferred to avoid patchy look.
  • In lip colors, use matte finish lipsticks. Go for shades like pink, brown or beige. Avoid the shimmery kinds.
  • It’s better to avoid heavy makeup and to go in for a natural look as it is easy to maintain during the monsoons.
  • Keep your makeup tools squeaky clean and sterilized to avoid any skin infections.

Hope these tips help you to avoid being a damsel in distress during the monsoons. Have a blissful monsoon ^_^

P.S. these images do not belong to me, I just used the images that I found on net. If any of these images belong to you and in case you want me take them down, then mail me.


Annie ❤


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