Guys Guide To Be A Fashionista

Hello all my fashion-addicted people! We usually relate fashion and style with females. But as we say “Why should guys have all the fun?”, likewise I would say “Why can only girls be fashionable and trendy?” This feature will cover all the men’s fashion trends of 2012.

Like A Boss

My dashing lads with the help of this feature, you can show-off your fashion-forward self without making any fashion blunders. Here are the trends that you can include in your wardrobe :-

P.S. This post is picture heavy, so enjoy fellas ^_^

BLUE:  Color Trend of 2012 – I feel blue is the most pleasant color. It suits almost every Indian tone very well, you can never go wrong with this color. You can try blue as bright hues, pastels or with glaze. Most of the fashion houses gave a star spot to blue. The blue suits have become a big trend in male fashion.

Tip:- Wear a tie which is a shade darker than your shirt but lighter than your suit, to get the maximum blue effect.

OMBRE:  It’s the trend which anyone can pull off very easily. It’s so versatile that you can wear it to office, hangout with friends, date night and uptown parties. It breaks down the boring factor of the muted monotone outfits that most Indian men wear.

Tip:- Avoid clothings having more than 3 colors in the ombre pattern.

PASTELS: It is the most raved about fashion trend internationally. Pastels have cast it’s spell everywhere from ramp shows to street style fashion. It also reduces the risk of committing embarrassing color clashes in your outfit, it’s a shout out for all the guys who don’t want to experiment with bright colors and ombre.

Tip:- Never wear more than 2 shades of pastel in your outfit.

BRIGHTS/NEONS: Who said only girls can carry pop of bright colors with panache, guys can also make neon clothes their fashion statement without  looking like a clown. Embrace the statement clothing of this season. To avoid embarrassing color clashes follow the thumb rule to sport one bright color at a time.

Tip:- If you feel your bright clothes are little difficult to pull off, integrate them with neutral shades like grey.

PRINTS: This season prints and patterns are all set to make a mark in men’s fashion. The fashion industry is digging in the crazy prints trend. There are huge options to experiment with in prints, one can try floral, geometric, camouflage or paisley. Prints give an edgy yet classy look to Indian men.

Tip:- Team prints with neutral items which compliment the print rather than covering prints with prints.

When it comes to shoes, you have 2 great options :-

RUST COLORED SHOES: Rust shoes are very versatile, it adds a twist to boring office suits and can be easily worn to office without getting raised eyebrows. Rust was very much in fashion in India long time ago and now it’s back with a bang. So rust is not only meant for office wear but it looks good with casuals, adds that cool breezy look to the attire.

BRIGHT HUED SHOES: Bright hues are so much in vogue and they have dominated men’s fashion this season. Guys who fear to experiment bright clothes can try this subtle and refined form of the trend. You can wear it in single tone or two tones. When in doubt, drop all  your accessories, make the bright shoes your statement and let your shoes do all the talking 😉

THE FASHION ICON: I admire Scott Disick’s sense of style a lot, he is a fashion inspiration for me (talking about men’s fashion). He is a avid lover of pastel colors and prints. I totally dig his bold taste in fashion and how confidently he experiments with latest trends along with his own swag and no one can pull off  a ridiculous attire magnificently like him. He is the real life version of Chuck Bass for me.

So, guys watcha waiting for??!!  Try out these uber cool trends and transform yourself into a classy, stylish lad 🙂 Temme through comments, which trends do you wanna lay your hands on?

P.S. these images do not belong to me, I just used the images that I found on net. If any of these images belong to you and in case you want me take them down, then mail me.

Is The Bad….The New Good ?

So, I was sitting in my balcony and enjoying the splendid weather with some cheese pakoras. Yum ! 😛 Suddenly a comment (which some classmate of mine passed on me) was hovering over my mind. I could not think past it, finally I gave in and started penning down my views on it.

During my exams, people were whispering ‘yaar thorra sa dikha de’ ‘yaar starting bata de’ ‘tu mera dost hai naa, fir answer sheet copy karne de’; now you must be thinking what’s different with these comments. Well the comment which just hit my head was – ‘dekhli teri friendship baazi, dost ko fail hone chorr dia’ (when one says NO to letting other cheat in exams).

After getting done with my exam, I was thinking is a good friend the one who lets his/her friend do anything that might let him/her invite trouble or a good friend is the one who will not let his/her friend get into any trouble. Now talking about this particular situation; I personally would not let my friends cheat, I rather would help them in studying the day before, share notes, whatever helps them except scooping to unfair means in exams. But again that’s my personal opinion, what do you think, what would you do?

Now coming back to the topic, I remember in childhood we all must have heard, read or learnt that a good friend won’t let you do anything wrong but will help you in staying away from the bad and we used to be consider people who cheat, slang, bully, talk rudely to teachers, beat others as the bad ones and did not be friends with them. But as we grow up why does this thinking change drastically, how come abusing, cheating, disrespecting teachers and elders, bullying, always fighting (read beating up) with others became oh so cool?

In my school days my teacher used to teach us to be selfless, honest, kind, true, helpful, polite and many of us must have preached it too but as time passes by why do we choose to become selfish, self absorbed, rude, fake, unsympathetic and break promises? As kids we used to speak our heart out, whatever we think but on growing up rather than letting our voice be heard and we choose to be with the majority, why? Is taking a stand so tough that we don’t even try and follow the trend. Even once in my college days, a teacher specifically said it’s better to be selfish than being sacrificing. Why do the words, sayings or preachings that once conditioned our minds have changed their meaning totally? What is the reason behind it?

Being good was never easy but when in our childhood we never gave up then why do we give up once we grow up and choose the easy way? What made the bad ones our idols, what did change now, that for most of us bad seems to be more attractive to us than the good? So, I ask you all is the bad… the new good?




Skin Care Routine for Monsoon

During monsoon special care of skin is needed as it tends to behave a little strange due to humidity 😥  And believe me this humid weather has potential to wreak havoc on your skin. Yikes! So here is a routine that you all peeps should follow for a healthy looking and healthy feeling skin during this rainy season.


  • Always keep your skin clean to avoid any skin infection, which is very prevalent during this season. Use a mild, anti-fungal cleanser. Exfoliate at least once in a week.
  • Wash your hair and take a bath preferably in lukewarm water, without a fail if you got drenched in the rain. As there is a lot of harmful chemicals present in the rain water.
  • To get rid of stickiness instantly; slather on a paste of multani mitti and rose water and wash it off with cold water.
  • Use an anti-bacterial toner toprevent skin breakouts and infections and to restore skin’s pH balance.
  • Always hydrate your facial and body skin well by applying a light moisturize as during monsoons we strip our skin’s natural oils more.
  • Oily skin beauties can use a facial scrub made of rice flour and rose water, scrub gently in circular motion for about 8-10 minutes
  • Anti-fungal dusting powder can also be used to prevent skin infections.
  • Never leave your sunscreen even if it’s cloudy. Use water-proof and SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • Wear minimal makeup, just a kohl on you are good to go.
  • You might come across body odour issues, to combat it you can add a few drops of rose water or any aroma oil to your bathing water.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer always with you. During rainy days, bacteria and other harmful microbes tend to sit on our skin and it has a great chance of infecting our skin and makeup products.


These are the tips that I swear by to keep my skin radiant, supple and pimple-free during the monsoons ^_^  What do you do to tame down sticky-sticky and zits prone skin ? Feel free to share your beauty regime and tips for the rainy season.


P.S. These images do not belong to me, I used the images that I found on net. If any of these images belong to you and in case you want me to take them down, then mail me.



Annie ❤

Makeup Tips for the Monsoons

Yahooo finally we Delhites got blessed with the rains… ** doing the happy dance ** 😀 And the rains inspired me to write a post giving some tips to the makeup fanatics.

    • Cleanse your face thoroughly with an anti-bacterial cleanser. After cleaning, rub your face with an ice cube for like 10 minutes. This way you can make your makeup stay on for a long time.
    • Avoid applying foundations as it will make you look washed out in the rains. Though you can use a waterproof foundation or tinted moisturizer.
    • Stay away from creamy makeup products and opt for powder, matte finish products.
    • Avoid using pressed powder in monsoon because it will make your skin appear patchy and sick. Ewww!
  • Say tata to kohl (kajal) and use water-proo
  • f eyeliners and mascaras.
  • Avoid cream eye shadow as they will smudge all over your eyes.
  • Always opt for the powder ones.
  • Stay away from cream blushers, powder blushers preferred to avoid patchy look.
  • In lip colors, use matte finish lipsticks. Go for shades like pink, brown or beige. Avoid the shimmery kinds.
  • It’s better to avoid heavy makeup and to go in for a natural look as it is easy to maintain during the monsoons.
  • Keep your makeup tools squeaky clean and sterilized to avoid any skin infections.

Hope these tips help you to avoid being a damsel in distress during the monsoons. Have a blissful monsoon ^_^

P.S. these images do not belong to me, I just used the images that I found on net. If any of these images belong to you and in case you want me take them down, then mail me.


Annie ❤