Casual x Electric Look

Hiya peeps ! Just recently I meet my good friends after a long long time and it was an awesome time bonding with them 🙂 And they both are budding fashion designers, so the little fashion enthusiast in me was screaming out loud to show my fashion sense. 😀 I wanted a simple look but wanted the styling to be striking enough to make the whole look unforgettable. And there you go, I tried a pop of bright colors…they are so much RAVE in fashion. All these hues from green, blue, orange, red. yellow to pink, can transform you from a “Girl Next Door” to “Who’s That Chick”!
Here I tried a subtle and chick play with some bright hues. I would suggest all my fashion forward ladies and guys (it’s the ‘it‘ thing in male fashion as well) to first try adding a few bright hued accessories like scarves, watches, tee print, bags, etc to your wardrobe. Don’t go overboard with them else you would end up looking like a clown.
Yeah bright hues are not very easy to pull off but keeping a thumb rule of first adding a little drama at a time then intensifying it, will save you from overdoing it. I was so lost in chatting with my friends that I forgot I need to click pictures for my blog so I took my pictures when I came back home 😀 Please bear with the bad lighting in the images.
What I Am Wearing :-
Racer back Top Ginger
JeansVero Moda
 What Makeup I Am Wearing :-
EyesMaybelline Vivid Smooth Eyeliner Pencils Ocean Blue
              Maybelline Colossal Kajal
              Lakme High Definition Eyeliner
LipsBody Shop Born Lippy
FaceJust Lacto Calamine (yes, this is my no foundation, no compact powder look) 😀
Nail PaintMaybelline Colorama Vermelho Ardente, bright red (fingers)
                        Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico, neon orange (toes)
Annie ❤

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