Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip

Hey peeps! I have been using ‘Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip’ since a year and I totally it. Here I am sharing my experience with you.

Maybelline makeup remover has a cute packaging and the solution has blue liquid on top and translucent white liquid in bottom.

Usage :-

You need to shake the bottle to mix these liquids before using. Wet a cotton ball with it and place the wet cotton ball on the area from where you wish to remove the makeup for about half a minute. Then gently wipe off the makeup without exerting much pressure. Generally you would need just 2 wipes to remove all the makeup.


Rs.125 for 140 ml.

My Verdict :-

It’s an uh-mah-ZING product, removes even the last trace of makeup whether waterproof, smudgeproof or stain-proof. It does not irritate the eyes nor does have any irritating smell. The product does it efficiently so you need not to put pressure on the delicate eye area. It’s easy to carry and does not leak. It is fairly priced rather would say very pocket-friendly for the effective work it does.

My Rating :-





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