Corporate Look For Women

  1. Opt for business suits in solid colors like black, blue, grey or brown and if your business suit has a skirt, avoid your legs to be looking too bare. But pants are more preferable.
  2. Jewelery should be tasteful, minimal and worn close to the skin. TIP :- Put on your jewellery, walk around and wave your arms if anything clanks or slides, take it off.
  3. Don’t dress too provocatively so, avoid heels over 2 and a half inches high, sheer blouses, deep necklines or second skin leggings.
  4. Your shirt should be well fitted and should have a feminine cut and the jacket should always be buttoned up.
  5. Your hair should be properly tied or pinned. Hair falling on eyes is a big no-no.
  6. Your make-up should be minimal, use only foundation, black/brown eye liner and a pale lip color (preferably long-stay lipstick).


Corporate Suit For Men


  1. The rule goes the same with men, business suits should be in solid dark colors. But business suits should always be plain or striped but never wear the check pattern ones (it looks way too funky).
  2. Putting on a tie is a must and glossy hues should be avoided.
  3. Your belt and your shoes should be in matching colors.
  4. Your shirt should be sneaking half an inch out of your coat.
  5. Your coat should be perfectly fitting your shoulders and falling down smoothly through the arms.
  6. Your pants should be fitting comfortably so, avoid tight ones.
  7. Your hair should be washed and properly gelled to tame the fly aways and remember, spike hairstyle with formals is a big no-no.

Well, these steps will help you to achieve a good Formal Look.
For further queries, post your comments below this Post.

Thank You !!


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