Malaria, Swine flu, Cholera, etc. are not considered as diseases by today’s youth but commimentphobia, sex-addiction (satyromania), drug-addiction and even responsibilities are the big fishes in the pond. Yeah, if you question them about their lifestyle of switching to multiple partners, all you can hear is a lame excuse, “oh, I’m a commitmentphobic…didn’t I told you before” or for doing drugs, “you know, drug-addiction is similar to having an eating disorder“! We youngsters have developed such a escapism nature that whenever anything goes wrong, we end up framing these terms (excuses I would say) as an escort or perfect cheat guide from all our problems, plus you get sympathy of others. Whatelse we can ask for haa..!! This reminds me of a classmate of mine who just randomly cooked up a tragic story, was crying around to get everyone’s sympathy and some stupid things but the pathetic part is that when the truth got revealed she did not feel anything for her mistake but started blaming her teenage and said that people in this age usually end up doing so. And that time all that came in my mind was, wow girl what an excuse you made up to save your a**. I just wonder is it so difficult to take responsibility of our mistakes and face the consequences?

Often I heard teenagers saying; yeah you can’t handle my attitude, I don’t fear of anything and blah blah but then why are you running away from your responsibilities. We wanna get old and get a driving licence, drive our own car, drink, party hard, do whatever we wanna do, but how many of us think of taking up our responsibilities….I bet only a few people must have thought of it. We only desire for the powers but responsibilities..we have got an excuse in store..isn’t it..?? And anyone understands his/her resposibilities, we pull them down by calling boring and retarded. Hey, who said that being responsible will take away all the fun.

Actually we are just growing physically but mentally we are as good as a 5 year old, for whom his demands are the most important thing, no worries about anything, only enjoying it all. And eventually when this bubble bursts that is when this ignored pile of responsibilities hit us hard all together; life turns dull, full of thorns and disappointments, we become loner and then we escort to suicide to run from this situation. This running and hiding from responsibilities, problems won’t held as it is gonna get us anyway…don’t believe then try yourself. Yeah, you can run, you can hide but you can’t escape your responsibilities.;) Facing it, is a better deal than trying to run because running away won’t  help in a long run

Well I hope besides just reading you learn something from it and I hope my words turn out to be an eye opener. 🙂

Good day..


I just love Maybelline products and that is why I bought my first mascara from Maybelline and as usual Maybelline didn’t let me down this time.:) This mascara comes in a eye-catchy yellow packing. It comes in both waterproof and non-waterproof ranges and in black and glamorous black colour. I am using “black” waterproof range. It is a must have for every girl. One of its biggest advantage is it increases the volume of eye lashes a lot but not as thick as Maybelline recommends (7x). It does not clumps and stays on untill washed, its totally waterproof and tear resistant (tried and tested).:) It really open ups my eyes, so bye bye sleepy looking eyes.:D Its fine bristles help in coating each and every eye lash. One coat is enough to get thick eye lashes. It is very affordable (260 INR). But it dries in 6 months after opening and also it is a bit difficult to apply it on lower eye lashes.

So, on a scale of 5 I would give it a 4.

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Currently I am using Maybelline Expert Wear  Eyeshadow Seashore Frosts and Chai Latte and I must say it is one of the best eyeshadow palette. It can be used dry or wet but gives best results when dry. It gives light coverage so you need to put on again and again to get desired result. It comes in a very compact and easy to use package. It comes with a easy to understand instructions on the back of the package with which you can achieve Subtle look, Casual look, Claasic look and Dramatic look.   Chai Latte palette povides a natural look but you achieve party look by adding little more shimmer on the crease of the eyes. Seashore Frosts palette can be used to achieve a formal look and by applying more you can go for the night look aswell.:) Sapphire Ice, Amethyst Smokes and Emerald Smokes palettes are more of chic, bold, glamorous and party wear ones. Charcoal Smokes palette will give you that sultry smokey eye effect. Mocha Motion and Natural Smokes palette are great for a classy and natural look (my fav).:) Lavender Fields palette is a nice option to get the goddess look. This eyeshadow is very powdery which makes its application a little tough.

On a scale of 5 I’ll give it a 4.5.

For any suggestions and queries you are most welcome to comment. 🙂


I am using 21 Nude shade of Wonder Finish Foundation. I have been using it since a year and some months and I kinda like this product. 🙂 Great product for daily wear especially for college girls who need a light coverage. It has got SPF 15 and is oil free but people with very dry skin (like mine) can even use it as it does not make the skin appear patchy. Also, very small amount of it is enough to be used (for best results use foundation brush to apply it). Since it gives light coverage and is not heavy on skin, it does not cause any break out. It does not hit the pocket as it costs just 350-400 INR. I dislike only one thing about this foundation and that is it does not stay long, needs regular touch ups. So, all in all I would give it 4 on scale of 5.



Corporate Look For Women

  1. Opt for business suits in solid colors like black, blue, grey or brown and if your business suit has a skirt, avoid your legs to be looking too bare. But pants are more preferable.
  2. Jewelery should be tasteful, minimal and worn close to the skin. TIP :- Put on your jewellery, walk around and wave your arms if anything clanks or slides, take it off.
  3. Don’t dress too provocatively so, avoid heels over 2 and a half inches high, sheer blouses, deep necklines or second skin leggings.
  4. Your shirt should be well fitted and should have a feminine cut and the jacket should always be buttoned up.
  5. Your hair should be properly tied or pinned. Hair falling on eyes is a big no-no.
  6. Your make-up should be minimal, use only foundation, black/brown eye liner and a pale lip color (preferably long-stay lipstick).


Corporate Suit For Men


  1. The rule goes the same with men, business suits should be in solid dark colors. But business suits should always be plain or striped but never wear the check pattern ones (it looks way too funky).
  2. Putting on a tie is a must and glossy hues should be avoided.
  3. Your belt and your shoes should be in matching colors.
  4. Your shirt should be sneaking half an inch out of your coat.
  5. Your coat should be perfectly fitting your shoulders and falling down smoothly through the arms.
  6. Your pants should be fitting comfortably so, avoid tight ones.
  7. Your hair should be washed and properly gelled to tame the fly aways and remember, spike hairstyle with formals is a big no-no.

Well, these steps will help you to achieve a good Formal Look.
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Thank You !!